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Tablet Manufacturing Machines


Tablet Manufacturing Machines
R&D Lab Tablet Press
- Very rigid Gun metal Feed Frame with Sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder.
- Excellent finish, accessibility of ease for cleaning, operation and mainternance.
- CPMD3-10 Station Machine can compress D.S.Tablets also.
- Machine is totally enclosed i.e. top half of the machine (Compression Zone) with acrylic covers and lower half of the machine complete with matt finish S.S.covers. This reduces the noise level and to and fro flow of dust between compression Zone and Machine zone.
Tablet Manufacturing Machines
Rotary Tabletting Machine
Machine Construction is of rugged design with turret made of highly ductile SG Iron casting. Very rigid gun metal Feed Frame (both identical) with sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder. Turret rotates on needle roller thrust bearing which is immersed in oil for frictionless rotation. Specially designed 3 piece (on demand) Turret has been developed to avoid crack between die holes especially for 33, 35, 41 & 45 stn machines.