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Mirae St Co., Ltd

Mirae St Co., Ltd Mirae St Co., Ltd. was established in July 1990 as a Human Tech. Co.
We have imported as a trading company in the scientific instruments and also, from that time began to develop a water purification systems.

Now, we have been developing and producing the “Puris” water purification systems for laboratory and process over 10 years and also, we are sure that puris, water systems meet to various customer's needs.

As trading company, we contracted an exclusive agent with ERWEKA GmbH in Germany on December 1996 in each field applications. So, we are selling the instrument in each fields like Pharms, Chemistry, Foods etc.

The puris, ultrapure water systems received a ISO9001 and certified CE TUV and EM from Korea Industrial Resource Office.

And also, we have been growing up through a satisfactory service and support to meet customer's needs by a worldwide design and a technical know-how of our products.

Mirae ST promise with you we will try for a development of the advanced systems and the best support for customer.

We are waiting for your endless advice and support.