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dissolution testers

dissolution testers

ERWEKA Dissolution Tester


Now, ERWEKA is supplying not only 8 hole dissolution testers but also 12 hole and 14 hole dissolution testers.

The product is manufactured for customer convenience as top priority. It supports fast test start by adopting “Quick Lifter” and is faster and more convenient by using magnetic shaft.


“Low Evaporation” head method that is resistant to western medicine test
- “OQ Traffic Light” for indicating temperature, device check and correction and service cycle
- Store programs for 100 individual products
- Magazine that can inject test tablets simultaneously
- Open and close hole on top of the head for manual sampling
- PET Bath for water leak prevention
- Head by quick lifter
- Outside circulation type 2KW heater (accuracy ±0.2℃)
- PT 100 electronic temperature sensor
- USP standard Full Teflon shaft, paddle and basket
- Magni-Shaft design that does not require USP height change when changing paddle and basket
- Shaft wobble less than 0.2mm, device vibration less than 0.1mils
- Large 6 inch illumination LCD window
- Each function key and letter and number input keypad
- Sound and visual alarm function at designated sampling time
- USB and RS 232 port for printer connection and communication
- Off-line can be used (system connection is possible for automatic dissolution)
- Maximum 24 samplings are possible without changing the rack (maximum 12 times in case of 12 hole dissolution)
- On-line can be used (connection to UV or HPLC system is possible)

Product Type
- DT 620 Series (Manual Sampling)
- DT 720 Series (Manual and Automatic Sampling)
- DT 820 Series (Manual and Automatic Sampling)
- DT 1420 Series (12구,14구 Manual and Automatic Sampling)