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ERWEKA Dissolution Tester


Now, ERWEKA is supplying not only 8 hole dissolution testers but also 12 hole and 14 hole dissolution testers.The product is manufactured for customer convenience as top priority. It supports fast test start by adopting “Quick Lifter” and is faster and more convenient by using magnetic shaft.


Disintegration Tester


Clean and convenient interface
It is a device to test the level of disintegration of tablets, and ERWEKA already introduced disintegration tester in 1951.

Hardness Tester

Highest specification but low price

ERWEKA’s hardness tester can satisfy any demand of customers with its diverse product groups.Its performance and durability are already acknowledged by more than 100 domestic companies, ...

Granule and Power Tester

Essential item for medicine study

ERWEKA is supplying Tapped Density Tester, Powder Tester, Bulk Tester and so forth in order to measure the density, flow and angle of repose of granule or powder.

Friability Tester
With its durability, ERWEKA’s friability tester is becoming more famous.
All-Purpose Equipment
ERWEKA all-purpose equipment is a small medicine study device for research and development and is made with ERWEKA’s 50 year experience and know-how.
Single Tablet Press (EP-1)

It is a single tablet press for lab use and is small and light to be used on a table.
In addition, it is designed for customer safety as top priority.

Tablet Press (Rotary)
High Tech Rotary Tablet Press in table-top design for R&D and small batch production.
The 10 Station tooling B or 8 Station tooling D Tablet Press fully conforms with GMP and the safety requirements.
The drive is provided by an inbuilt Three-phase motor with frequency regulation. The compression force can be adjusted up to 4 tons.
A pre-compression station is available on re-quest.